We are currently recruiting for TWO Board positions on our Board of Directors, who will contribute to realizing the organization’s vision and strategic objectives, guide its long-term development and financial sustainability, and provide leadership.

1) Board Member and Finance Committee
1) Board Member and Human Resources Committee

Term of Board Positions: August 25, 2022, to August 25, 2025
Deadline for application: July 22, 2022


General Board member responsibilities for both positions:
–Available to attend monthly board meetings (currently held every 4th Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm EST, virtual format for now)
–Able to commit at least 10 hours/ month to the board
–Interest in supporting newcomers/refugees
–Take on tasks to help ensure Carty House long-term development and financial sustainability
-Keep abreast of legal, regulatory and sector developments in the areas of finance and human resources
–Willingness to participate in Carty House activities and events
–Openness to learning
–Ability to work effectively, professionally, and collaboratively

Finance Committee responsibilities:
–Member of the Finance Committee – included in the 10 hours/month expectation as noted above
–Previous experience in finance
–Assess the financial implications of the Carty House strategic plan and annual work plan
–Work with the Treasurer on financial projections, internal financial controls, and reporting
–Assist the Carty House Treasurer with the presentation of the financial report to the Board

HR Committee responsibilities:
–Member of the HR Committee – included in the 10 hours/month expectation as noted above
–Previous experience in Human Resources
–Engage in recruitment and orientation of new Board members and the Board’s performance assessment
–Assist with hiring and employee evaluation of the Carty House staff


Carty House strives to represent its residence through a diverse Board of Directors. We encourage BIPOC, LGBTQ2IA+, and any other minority groups, including those familiar with immigrants’ and refugees’ experiences, to apply.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please provide your CV and cover letter that highlights your qualifications and experience to Communications@CartyHouse.org
Once applications have been received, successful candidates will be invited to an interview.