Dear supporter,

I write to you today as we all prepare for another season of giving and in the midst of what we hope continues to be the waning of the global pandemic. These last three years have been challenging, indeed.

And yet, we are always overwhelmed by the generosity of those who care for our vulnerable refugee residents, women that you may never meet, but women who are beyond grateful for the care and support that they receive at Carty House. Women like Angela, who shares a bit of her story, here.

Angela represents so many woman who flee their homelands, their friends and family, and everything they know and love. All in the name of finding a safe place to call home and the support to start over.

Because of you, Carty House is there every step of the way with these women. Because of you, we can provide safety, a warm transitional home, fresh and nutritious food, programs and support in the areas of health, education, and work, and so much more. Because of you, we can support each woman as she rebuilds her life here in Canada.

Each woman has her own story, her own trauma, her own dreams. Thank you for supporting Carty House to be a crucial part of their journey to a new beginning.

I would ask you to consider joining the Circle of Hope – our monthly supporters. We currently have 30 gracious members, including a former resident. We are hoping to welcome 5 more members to the Circle of Hope by the end of 2022. When we can depend on monthly funding, we’re better able to plan, program, and fulfill our mission with confidence. Thank you, so very much, for considering.

We are ever grateful for your anticipated generosity. We literally could not do this work without you.


Diana Martin
Chair, Board of Directors



3. SEND A CHEQUE TO: Carty House, PO Box 4758, Stn E., Ottawa, ON K1S 5H