“In May 2020, I saw a story on CBC news about Carty House and how the residents were fairing during the pandemic. The enthusiasm and love that the staff had for the residents was so evident, I knew right away that I wanted to get involved.

Women make up most of the Canadian population, and 70% of the poor in this country. I was born in a white middle-class family where all my needs were met, but I am very much aware that there are numerous women who are not as fortunate and who sometimes need a leg up.

I cannot imagine how it feels for a woman to leave her home country (and often leaving her family and friends behind), and move across the world to a new place, where everything is unfamiliar.

These women have been through so much, yet they don’t let that slow them down. They continue learning and developing new skills and moving on with their new lives in this great city and amazing country!”


Thanks Diane D!  You are an amazing support to our residents and the work of Carty House!