My name is Angela.

I am a journalist who left Nigeria in a hurry.

My life, like a book, has many pages. I left my job, parents, and other relatives behind. I arrived in Canada with little or no physical, social, emotional, and financial support. It was very difficult.

I arrived in Ottawa in 2019 and lived in different shelters before coming to Carty house. I arrived traumatized and mentally stressed, but I left Carty House a better person.

I was offered more than a roof over my head. I received the best food, the warmth, and the companionship of a family. Most of all I received real, undiluted, and very loving emotional support from all the staff and volunteers in Carty house. I was guided through the journey of integration into Canadian society with patience and ease. I was offered listening ears and loving arms when I needed them. I was taken to medical appointments; I had my teeth cleaned for the first time in years. I had my eyes checked too.

I was offered courses and programs so I could prepare for work. I am now better equipped to give back to Canada by the virtue of all that I received from Carty House.

I was able to move into an apartment at an Ottawa Community Housing building. Carty House helped me with understanding and securing my lease, helping me secure the household items I needed, and even helped me move in!


The building of a society starts with the family in a home. Carty house was that for me. I am very very grateful to have passed through this special home. To all the volunteers, members of staff, and supporters of Carty House, I say a big thank you!!!

Please continue to support Carty House. You are changing lives and adding positive values to Canadian society.

I am very grateful!