Who Are Our Residents?

Residents of Carty House are women who come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and who are in Canada as refugee claimants, convention refugees or recognized protected persons. They reside at Carty House for up to 18 months as they establish a new foundation of their new life in Canada.

Programs and Supports Resources for Refugees

What is it like to live at Carty House?

Carty House seeks to promote an environment of community living founded upon shared responsibility, respect for diversity and mutual support. Carty House residents fully participate fully in the operation of the home and its maintenance. Residents share regular chores, prepare their own meals, keep the home clean, and participate in Carty House activities.

During their stay, residents are provided with referrals to education, counseling, and other support services including language instruction, employment training, job search programs and cultural integration programs and activities.

Each resident has her own bedroom and shares access to a full bathroom. Residents also have free access to, and use of, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and laundry room. Internet and computer access is provided.

The lives of the residents are quite busy with resettlement and usually school/training and/or work. Special occasions bring all the residents together for a shared meal, a celebration, and time to connect.

Tour of Carty House by Residents (2020)